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6 DIY Carpet Cleaning Tips That Really Work

Regardless of how careful we are, we always manage to get food crumbs, spills and tidbits of debris all over our carpets at home.

Carpets are essentially a trap for dirt and if not cleaned regularly they can compromise indoor air quality. They are home to pathogens that can cause skin allergies, respiratory issues, infections and can in turn weaken our immune system.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a carpet that looks and smells fresh like you just bought it? Aside from hiring your local professional carpet cleaner to fulfill your carpet cleaning needs. We actually collated the top 6 do-it-yourself carpet cleaning tips that we think really work!

Please Note: Every carpet is different. Make sure to test these DIY solutions on a small spot on your carpet first before moving on the whole thing.

In a nutshell, here are carpet cleaning tips that you can do on your own:

  1. Baking Soda Method
  2. Homemade Carpet Deep Cleaning Solution
  3. Fluffing Method
  4. Club Soda Stain Removal Method
  5. Ice Cube Method
  6. Carpet Blotting Method

Baking Soda Method – The Best Technique for a Dusty and Smelly Carpet

Baking Soda acts an excellent odour absorber and deodorizer. Its ability to act as a neutralizing agent for acidic and alkaline spills as well as regulating the pH make it ideal.

For instance, adding baking soda to cat urine stains (which is naturally acidic) allows the odour to be absorbed.

The added benefit of using baking soda is that it is easily available and is an inexpensive and eco-friendly cleaning option.

Here’s how to apply baking soda to carpets:

Homemade Carpet Deep Cleaning Solution – Do It Yourself

Wall-to-wall carpeting is quite a popular choice in Singaporean homes. However, day-to-day foot traffic, pet mess, and accidental spills can make it look dingy. We whipped up some DIY deep cleaning solutions to maintain wall-to-wall carpets and keep your carpet looking fresh.

Use the DIY carpet and rug cleaning solutions shared below to deep clean your carpet and get rid of the allergens and dust mites residing in between the rug fibres.

Fluffing Method – For Carpets with High Foot Traffic

Carpets laid in the high-traffic areas of your home tend to get flat or lose their fluffiness and look faded over time. Aside from looking unkempt they also harbour extra dirt, hair, allergens and pet dander. Therefore, it’s critical to fluff carpets.

Fluffing up a carpet also allows the vacuum cleaner to suck up more dust and trapped grime. Here’s how you go about fluffing the carpet.

Next, place a dry towel on this area, allowing it to absorb the excess water. Finally, run an iron back and forth on the towel to let the fibres dry. Now, run a brush to gently fluff the fibres.

Club Soda Stain Removal Method – Easy to Use

An ingredient as simple as club soda can be an effective option to get rid of stubborn stains on the carpet. Club soda mainly comprises carbon dioxide, water, and a few salts. Since the solution is weakly acidic, its been proven capable of fading stains, especially those beer and red wine spills left around after a party.

Begin by spraying some club soda on the stained area. The stain will disappear after some time. Rinse the area with some water. Now, place a few paper towels and add some weight on it, allowing the area to dry completely.

However, there are a few stains like ink stains that club soda doesn’t work on. In fact, it may make matters worse. It’s best to leave such stains to professional and experienced carpet cleaning services in Singapore.

Ice Cube Method – Getting Rid Of Stubborn Stains

Candle wax, chewing gum or play dough can easily find their way into carpets (and stay there!), making them look shabby. These stains are stubborn and deserve an innovative cleaning technique.

Ice cubes can help get rid of this mess in no time. Grab a handful of ice cubes and press them against the area. Once frozen, the clumpy mess will solidify and easily detach from the carpet fibres without any damage. Use a brush to clean the area of remnants if any.

Carpet Blotting Method – Removing Stains Safely!

Our natural reaction to a spill is to grab a rag and rub the area clean. However, rubbing is probably the worst possible thing you could do. Rubbing causes the stain to spread to a wider area and forces the pigment deeper into the carpet fibres, making it almost impossible to get rid of the stain.

The key to getting rid of stains on a carpet is to blot them.

Give up trying to clean your carpet yourself? Let the experts do it.

Summing Up these Carpet Cleaning Tips

Owing to the luxurious appeal and the comfort they provide, carpets are generally a popular flooring choice in most Singaporean homes. However, if not cared for and maintained routinely, carpets tend to lose their attractive appeal.

Dust, spills and smudges are a part of life! As a responsible homeowner, you should invest in professional carpet cleaning services twice a year to ensure that your carpets are thoroughly cleaned and maintained. Also, in between these carpet cleaning schedules, remember to use the DIY carpet cleaning hacks shared above to keep your home looking clean and family in good health.

What’s Next?

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