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Common Carpet Cleaning Myths

Most homes and offices are covered in carpets that provide comfort and aesthetical pleasantness to the rooms. These carpets are installed by professionals’ companies and should be regularly kept and maintained to ensure their durability, quality, and safety. However, most customers do not understand the importance and value of proper carpet cleaning and end up overlooking the frequency and quality of carpet cleaning. Additionally, some clients avoid carpet cleaning processes due to common myths that suggest carpets should not be cleaned and that the process harms the fibers leading to more dirt fixation and stains. Here are a couple of carpet cleaning myths and the science behind it.

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Common Carpet Cleaning Myths

Vinegar Cleans Carpets

Although vinegar is considered a disinfectant, it cannot remove stains. Moreover, applying vinegar with mixtures of baking soda might produce peracetic acid, which promotes skin irritation and breathing problems.

Vacuuming is Bad for the Carpet

Standard home vacuuming is highly recommended to keep the quality and cleanliness of the carpet. Although vigorous cleaning is reported to detach fibers from the carpet, it is essential to maintain regular vacuuming to ensure that soils and dirt don’t accumulate on the surface of the material. Vacuuming also removes pathogens and spores of molds and other microbes that can fixate and live in your carpet.

Hair Spray Can be Used to Clean Carpets

The chemical complex provided in hair spray is not designed for the sensible fibers of carpets. Besides risking staining the carpet, it also is hard to remove the spray, which will increase the soil fixation making the carpet dirtier.

Steam Cleaning Leads to Mold Growth

Steam cleaning applies a little amount of water that is removed in the process of professional carpet cleaning. If steam cleaning is carried out by untrained professionals, the moisture left behind can promote the growth of mold. However, proper and adequate steam cleaning is favorable for the removal of spores and colonies that might be growing in your carpet.

New Carpets Do Not Need Cleaning

On the contrary, a new carpet is quite susceptible to adhere to soils and contaminants to its new threads. It should be kept cleaning and regularly vacuumed to ensure that layers of deposition do not form. In the case of carpet cleaning, precaution and maintenance are a safer measure than letting the dirt accumulate.

A Carpet Deodorant is Enough to Remove the Smell

Carpets are porous structures that allow for the growth of several microbes on its surface. When a carpet presents a musky smell, this is mostly related to mold colonies that are growing on its surface. Applying deodorant might mask the smell for a while but will not eliminate the mold colony, and soon the effect of the deodorant will fade. Moreover, since most deodorants are liquid, the moisture in the carpet is increased, and conditions improved for mold proliferation, which will lead to a worsening of the smell intensity.

Rental Carpet Cleaning Machines are an Adequate Solution

Carpet cleaning is a delicate process that can lead to the loss of carpet fibers, stains, chemical intoxication, and others if not carried out adequately. Moreover, rented carpet cleaning machines are poorly maintained, and the chances of improper cleaning procedures are high. Finally, carpet cleaning should be carried out by trained professionals to avoid intoxication, as well as loss in fibers and stain formations.

Cleaning Carpets Will Lead to Dirty Carpets Faster

When cleaned improperly, carpets might seem to get dirty faster due to a sticky layer of soap and chemicals left behind from the previous cleaning process. This layer easily adheres to dirt and soil and will indeed make the carpet look dirtier faster. However, when proper cleaning is carried out by professionals, the chemicals are completely removed, and these layers are not present, ensuring the carpet stays cleaner for longer.

Carpet Causes Allergies

Allergic reactions on sensitive individuals (commonly elders and children) are frequently reported in rooms with extensive carpeting. Usually, the allergic reaction is caused by inhalation of spores and excrements of mold and other microbes that are found deposited on the carpet. In exceptional cases, the allergic reaction can be caused by the exposure to toxins (also released by molds) or found accumulated in the carpet as it acts as a chemical sink. However, individuals are not allergic to the carpet itself. They are allergic to the dirt, mold, and chemicals hiding in the carpet’s fiber! In these cases, proper cleaning and maintenance of carpets should eliminate allergic reactions.

Steam Cleaning Will Shrink My Carpet

Most carpets are made of synthetic material that does not tend to shrink when exposed to high temperatures and vapors. In most cases, the sense of carpet-shrinking comes from the slight change in color promoted by the removal of dirt from its surface and a visual adaptation of the recently cleaned carpet, giving the sensation that changes have been made to the environment.

The Importance of Carpet Cleaning

As mentioned, carpet cleaning is fundamental in homes and office buildings, ensuring the overall quality of your indoor air. Sensitive individuals are most likely to be first affected by a dirty carpet having allergic reactions such as cough, sneezing, running eyes and nose, skin irritation, among others. Moreover, these symptoms should not be taken lightly as they can be an indication of the incidence of mold in the environment.

If left untreated, mold found in carpets can increase to deadly levels and represent a health risk for the entire building. As mold spores are lightweight and easily transported through air ducts, mold infestation is easily spread-out through buildings that have integrated air ventilation systems. Additionally, mold can also be carried by adhering to the clothes and fabrics of individuals circulating between rooms.

Besides mold, carpets are also known as a chemical sink, sticking toxins and other chemical substances that are released in the environment to their fibers. In time, these concentrations can escalate to dangerous levels, exposing the building’s occupants to a severe health issue.

How can Big Red help?

Big Red has been providing cleaning services throughout the area of Singapore for a wide range of clients being able to supply them with varied options aligning to their different needs. As a fully-equipped cleaning company, Big Red is prepared to carry out carpet cleaning by:

Additionally, Big Red is proud of providing services with no downtime, allowing customers to use their carpet as soon as the cleaning process is over. Moreover, our methods are active on the removal of dust mites, fungi, mold, and other pathogens that could be representing a health risk in your building. With a team of professionals trained by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC), Big Red also provides a 30-day satisfaction guarantee with a re-clean in any area that attention is needed.

People also ask

  • Does cleaning damage carpets?
  • No, carpets can be cleaned regularly without presenting any damage to their fibers. However, it is recommended that trained professionals be hired to ensure the safety of your product.
  • Does carpet cleaning cause mold?
  • When inadequately cleaned, carpet cleaning can leave behind a significant amount of moisture on the surface, and this might lead to ideal conditions for mold proliferation. However, if carried out adequately, carpet cleaning should be finished with a dry-out period that ensures all the moisture is removed before use.
  • Why does my carpet smell worse after cleaning?
  • If carpet presents a bad smell after cleaning processes, there is a high chance that you have created a mold infestation in your carpet. Due to the moisture left behind from the previous cleaning, mold might be accumulating inside the fibers and should be addressed as soon as possible. Since mold can be toxin and represents a severe health risk, cleaning of a mold-infested carpet should be carried out by a professional team.
  • Is it better to shampoo or steam clean carpets?
  • Both methods represent viable solutions for carpet cleaning and should be chosen according to your personal needs. While carpet shampooing is less aggressive to the fibers and typically makes use of less toxic chemicals, they are preferred in the case of home users or areas with little circulation. The downside of a carpet shampooing is that they usually require more extended dry-out periods. On the other hand, if your carpet is sitting in a high circulation area and cleaning procedure must be carried out rapidly, steam cleaning might be the best cleaning option for you.
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