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How to Maintain White Carpets

If you’re a fan of the color white, then you probably have a lot of white furniture in your house. And if you have a white carpet at home, then you probably have a tough time keeping it gleaming and glistening. We won’t blame you though, and you’re certainly not alone in struggling to keep your whites sparkling and bright. This color signifies peace, calm, and serenity. However, even a tiny unwanted spot on it can ruin the elegance and tranquility of white.

Sure, white will bring a touch of regal and luxury to your home, but it can also have an opposite effect if it starts looking like a dingy shade of yellow. This is bound to happen if you do not take proper measures from time to time to maintain your white carpet. I bet you often wonder as to how all the best hotels that you visit always manage to keep their carpets so white and bright. Fret not, the mystery of the ever-so-glittering white carpet is about to be solved.

In this post, we give you some easy and handy tips on how to maintain white carpets, and preventing colour from appearing due to spots and stains!

Spot the Wine Stains on the Carpet

If you’ve erroneously spilled wine on your carpet, then it calls for some emergency measures to undo the damage. You will have to attend to the spill as quickly as possible because you don’t want the liquid to dry up. Remember, if it dries up it will set in and would be difficult to get rid of.

Chuck the Chocolate Stains on the Carpet

If you have kids at home, you’re bound to have your carpet stained with chocolate every once in a while. Getting rid of the stain might seem like a nightmarish experience, but it doesn’t actually have to be that way. By creating your very own chocolate stain buster, you have no reason to worry. Again this will also require some quick action by you.

Banish Tea and Coffee Stains on Your Carpet

This is one of the most commonly found stains on carpets. The ugly brown stain or ring from your cuppa is a heartbreaker for white carpet owners. Getting rid of this one’s a quickie too and the process entails you going back into your kitchen again.

Release the Grease Stains from Your Carpet

Grease stains are the worst as they are dreadful and slimy. However, getting rid of grease or oil marks from your white carpet was never so easy. Just follow the below-mentioned steps for a squeaky clean carpet.

Shrink the Ink Stains on Your Carpet

Can you imagine this? A big (or small) blue-colored spot right at the center of your carpet pricking your eye every time you set sight on it? If you undergo this trauma every time you look at your ink-stained carpet, then it’s time to act on it NOW.


Let’s face it – we’ve all dreamt of owning at least one piece of white furniture to add a dash of grandeur to our home but never had the guts to do it. Most people shy away from buying white carpets and other white upholstery and furniture because the upkeep can be a real toughie. But with the above-mentioned tips now at your disposal, you no longer need to be intimidated by the thought of buying a dreamy white carpet because cleaning it is surely going to be a breeze.

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