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Why You Should Keep a Pet-Friendly Home

When you bring a pet home and decide to share your life with him, you’re signing up for a huge commitment. You want your pets to be happy, clean, and comfortable. So, you get them the best food, grooming, and living environment for them. This includes your couch, upholstery, blankets, floor, kitchen counter, shelves, our car, and all of their favorite spots to hide in.

A pet-friendly home has to be clean. And no, the pets aren’t going to help you because you will be doing the work. Don’t worry, it’s easy, fuss-free, and takes up only a little of your time.

Golden Rules to Follow in a Carpeted, Pet-Friendly Home

The Pet Hair Nightmare on Carpets Can be Avoided

Are you dreading the clumps of hair that stick to your furnishings and hairballs that hide in all the unreachable places of your home? Fear no more!

We know it’s unsightly and even unhealthy, in some cases causing severe allergic reactions. We understand that you’re tired of constantly using Swiffer dusters, hand-held vacuum cleaners, and brooms and dustpans to clean it all up.

Just nip the problem in the bud (or follicles, to be literal) by:

Brushing and Bathing

Air Filters

Cleaning Upholstery

General Cleanliness Tips for Pet Owners with Residential Carpets

Certain pets tend to walk on surfaces that have food, dust or sand on them. You don’t want the dirty paws that have touched the litter and other dirty surfaces in the clean areas, do you? Even if they don’t leave dirty tracks behind, your pets could bring organisms like toxoplasmosis to dinner tonight, for instance.

To prevent this, make it a point to clean your counters with an anti-bacterial and pet-friendly cleaning agents, before and after serving food. Apart from that, keep your chopping boards, knives, and other cooking tools in your kitchen cabinets/drawers.

Pets can pass on intestinal parasites to humans, especially those with vulnerable immune systems. It is, therefore, important to keep them in good health and ensure your house is free of unwanted ailments. Speak to your vet about prescribing medication that can combat fleas and keep your pet healthy.

People who pet reptiles and amphibians have their own set of concerns to think about. While they do not shed or climb on countertops, they can be carriers of dangerous viruses. To prevent them from affecting you and your family, keep their habitats clean. Do not wash them in the kitchen sink. Try the laundry sink or the bathtub instead.

Further, keep pet food covered instead of leaving them out in the open as that can attract rodents and other vermin.


Having a clean house with pets may be challenging, but it isn’t impossible. Patience, experience, and common sense help. The above tips should enable new pet owners to keep their home neat and tidy whilst still enjoying the company of their loveable four-legged friends.

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