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What are the Best Methods to Clean Carpets?

The Secret of Good Carpet Cleaning

Carpet provides an extra benefit as a “trap” or “filter”, holding dust and dirt. It acts as a “sink” for fine dusts, bacteria, mold, spores, and dust mites. We walked on this carpet and cause these pollutants such as microscopic particulate and microorganism which become airborne and we breathe them right in. Therefore, what are the best methods to clean carpets?

Why Carpets Wear Out Quickly

We all know that all carpets need routine maintenance. You should pay professional carpet cleaners to do routine maintenance, rather than pay much more for a new carpet.

All carpets under normal use last for at least 10 years, but due to lack of routine maintenance, carpets can off within two to three years.

At Big Red, a Singapore carpet cleaning specialist, we offer solutions to common carpet problems, such as dirty spots, oil stains, foul smell or odour. Remember, if your employees are getting sick in your office, your carpet may be harboring germs!

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