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Big Red Carpet Cleaners Launches Allergy Friendly Rooms

Big Red Carpet Cleaners is Singapore’s leading carpet cleaning company. Established since 1995, Big Red has been serving more than 4,000 customers. We are proud to be the official carpet cleaners of many prestigious and recognized names in Singapore. Our totally satisfied and happy clients are willing to provide testimony to the quality of service that we offer.

With the impact of new technology, carpet cleaning has transformed into a challenging science and craft. It is no longer sufficient to clean carpets for its appearance, but more importantly, it should also enhance the indoor environment quality (“IEQ”).

Big Red Launches “Allergy-Friendly Rooms” to Address Challenges Faced by Singapore Hotels

The Big Red Process reduces or eliminates bio-hazards and other irritants from all room surfaces and filters them from the air. Bedding, carpeting, walls, furniture, air conditioning systems, practically everything in the room – is specially treated to remove contaminants and prevent their return. The resulting allergy-friendly room allows guests to breathe easier. The room smells and feels fresher and cleaner because it is fresher and cleaner.

Ride on the Big Red Carpet Cleaners Advantage

All our cleaning technicians are trained and skilled in the field of carpet restoration and preventive technology. This means your carpets get the right attention it needs and the carpet life expectancy is increased due to proper maintenance programs.

Big Red’s preventive maintenance system ensures that the carpet life usefulness is increased and maintained to good appearance levels. What’s more, all biological pollutants and foul smells are removed to enhance indoor environmental quality.

You Get Specialized Carpet Cleaning in Singapore

One system does not fit all. All carpets are different and need attention that needs to be tailor-made to get the right desired results.

A healthy environment starts from the ground up with clean carpets. Your carpets act as a sink capturing dust, soil, pollen, dander, food particles, and a host of other contaminants. Thorough cleaning by Big Red eliminates these unwanted invaders and restores your carpet’s beauty. Research shows that properly maintained carpets promote improved indoor air quality for your health.

Use your Carpets the Same Day!

Big Red uses the state of the art carpet cleaning equipment with super boosters to ensure that carpets are clean and dry fast. This ensures a quick turn-around for customers who need the rooms due to high occupancy rates, all without compromising the standards of cleanliness.

We Don’t Shortcut at Your Expense

Since the Asian crisis, some carpet cleaning companies have resorted to using local detergents and shampoos to clean carpets to reduce costs. These chemicals not only leave sticky residue that causes your carpets to re-soil rapidly, but they also shorten the life expectancy of the carpets.

Carpet Cleanliness Affects Indoor Air Quality & Your Image

Indoor air quality awareness, standards, and regulations are forcing many hotels to ensure that the carpet cleaning methods used focus on health as well as appearance. (Research has shown a strong co-relation between dusty and dirty, carpets and poor indoor air quality (and the increase in the number of complaints, of course).

Big Red Stain Eraser

Big Red uses our proprietary “STAIN ERASER” for your stubborn stains – made with a revolutionary formula that won’t allow even the most stubborn stains to escape.

Big Red Carpet Cleaners is Internationally Recognised

Big Red is the first professional carpet cleaning company in South East Asia to be certified by the International Institute of Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning (IICUC) of United States of America. Our directors have been conferred the Expert Cleaner title by IICUC, a status that is widely accepted as the mark of achievement in the professional carpet cleaning industry.

What’s Next?

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