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Why Hiring Cheap Carpet Cleaning May be a Mistake

It’s time for your carpets to be cleaned and you do some quick research. You don’t bother with the details and just start comparing prices. Before you call the cheapest option on offer, think again.

We all want to save money in all that we do. But that should not lead you to make the mistake of choosing cheap carpet cleaning services. It’s a gamble that you should not take. Why?

Choosing the cheapest carpet cleaning service could lead to your carpets not being cleaned properly, increased your overall expenditure in the long run, and in some cases, this could even lead to your carpets being damaged instead of cleaned.

What exactly is the problem with choosing cheap carpet cleaning services then?

Cheap Carpet Cleaners May Not Be Professionally Trained

Many cheap carpet cleaning services do not bother to train their technicians adequately to equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to do a good job at cleaning your carpets. These technicians are prone to making mistakes while cleaning your carpet.

Professional carpet cleaners in Singapore‘s service ensures that their technicians get the appropriate in-house training to identify the kind of carpet fibers, contaminants, and pollutants they are working with, their strengths and weaknesses, also the best methods to clean each different carpet.

For example, some stubborn stains and spills are highly difficult to remove and require special cleaning solutions to avoid damage to your carpet caused by chemical reactions. The untrained technician will apply a generic cleaning solution and the stains are not removed. Sometimes, they may even damage the affected area of your carpet. The trained technician, however, identifies the stain, assesses the best cleaning solutions and processes to use, and removes the stain with no damage to your carpets.

We would advise you to pay a little more now for these professional carpet cleaning services to save a lot in the long run.

Cheap Carpet Cleaners May Not Be Certified

A reputable carpet cleaning company will always be certified by international professional associations that monitor their performance, ensure ongoing training in the latest technology and techniques and allow for some measure of accountability when the company cleans your carpets. Knowing that they will be taken to task for improper practices and may even lose their certifications, these professional take extra care with your carpets when cleaning them.

Cheap carpet cleaning service providers are not accountable to these standards and will do a job based on generic cleaning principles. They are not guided by the best in knowledge and market practices.

When in doubt, trust the certified carpet cleaning company for your carpet cleaning needs.

Cheap Carpet Cleaners May Lack the Necessary Expertise to Do a Good Job at Cleaning Your Carpets

Many carpet cleaning companies do everything from regular cleaning of premises to maid services to laundry services. This is a classic case of ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’.

To illustrate our point, let’s take the example of a hot water extraction process used to clean a carpet. Truly professional carpet cleaners know that it is necessary to use only minimal water during the process.

Untrained and jacks-of-all-trades may inject excess water into your carpet. This excess water cannot be removed by the extraction machine itself because that is not what it was designed for, even when you make several passes with the extraction machine to remove the water.

If this excess water is not removed quickly and efficiently, it will attract insects, mold, bacteria, and all forms of soil, dust, and dirt. The lack of proper training and expertise may thus lead to a carpet that eventually soils faster and attracts pollutants and bio-contaminants. You would then end up paying more for frequent cleanings, thus spending just as much, if not more than you would have if you had hired professional carpet cleaners in the first place. These professionals may cost a bit more in the short run, but they make a world of difference to the condition and cleanliness of your carpets in the long run, not to mention your bank balance.

Cheap Carpet Cleaners May Use Sub-Standard Equipment and Techniques

In many cases, cheap carpet cleaning companies use old, sub-standard, or generic equipment to clean your carpets. Truly professional carpet cleaning companies use the latest equipment which is properly maintained and which is specifically catered to carpet cleaning.

Due to the sub-standard machines used by cheap carpet cleaning services, your carpets won’t be clean. Even worse, there have been cases where the unsatisfactory equipment actually damages the carpet fibers. You would then have to spend even more money to either get the carpet repaired or buy a new carpet entirely. Not so cheap after all.

Cheap Carpet Cleaners Make Low Offers to Bait You, Then Charge You More Later

Taking up the cheapest option may be tempting, but in many cases, these low prices are too good to be true. These companies offer you the lowest price possible to attract the phone call or the contact form submission. Some of them even give you a ‘definitive’ quote after your query.

Once they reach your home, however, they do not follow through on their promises. You are pressured into signing off on a much more expensive carpet cleaning service. They might raise excuses like ‘the quote was for a single process and not a dual process’ or ‘a different cleaning process is needed’ or ‘the carpet is much dirtier than anticipated’. You waited for so long for them to come and maybe even took some time off your schedule. You agree to pay more, just wanting the job to be over with.

Professional carpet cleaners in Singapore don’t play these kinds of games. They give you definitive quotes that they stick to. In some cases, they insist on seeing the carpet before giving you a quote. These are the carpet cleaners in Singapore you should trust.

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