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How to Decorate your Home with Beautiful Carpets

Think of a typical, traditional carpet – symmetrical, imbued with royal colors, and items of luxury in their own right.

Now think the exact opposite of them. Free designs, quirky shapes, supremely versatile, and unlike anything you’ve ever seen!

Welcome to the most underrated aspect of modern decor – stylish carpets.

The good thing about contemporary decor is that anything goes, and the same holds true for the carpets that are banging the trends right now. Experimentation is encouraged. Finding new styles, challenging the old ways of doing things, and not worrying about how the carpet will fit into the larger scheme of things, as mix and match is the mantra now.

New methods of making carpets have resulted in “many new looks … [such as] swirls, bows, lattices, plaids, pin dots, and fleurs-de-lis”.

In layman speak it translates as layered colors, softer textures, and a variety of patterns. There’s a lot on offer for people of all tastes and sensibilities. Learn how to decorate your home with beautiful carpets!

Before you start, learn from the best examples of carpets in interior decor.

Bold Carpet Colours are Gold

Bright orange, green, yellow, blue, magenta, how far can you stretch your imagination?

Both bold colors and color blocking are in at the moment. They also happen to be an excellent way to infuse life into dead or simply too-mundane-to-bear places.

If you’ve got sedate interiors, dull upholstery, and a barren floor, a bright-colored carpet will become the focal point of your living room.

Choose carpets made of durable weaves in high-traffic areas, meaning places that get trod on more than others. After all, you want your carpet to last long, don’t you? The newer carpets in general, are of a softer variety, which makes them easy to wash. For living rooms, we recommend thicker rugs, especially if you are going to be placing any furniture on them.

Black & White Carpet Magic

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, what does this one tell you about the make-or-break power of carpets?

Stripes are big news in the world of fashion, especially black and white stripes. Fresh, classy, and eye-catching, their eternal charm has now carried over from the runways to the world of interior decoration.

The above-pictured drawing room is a beautiful example of the transformative power of the right carpet. We can bet that if there had been an old beige rug in place of the modern striped carpet in the room, it wouldn’t have looked half as attractive as it does now. Don’t you agree?

Stripes of any combination make white walls come alive. So if you don’t quite fancy repainting your walls for a new bold look, take to carpets to revamp your home décor.

Unusual Carpet Patterns and Motifs

Motifs of all kinds are cool. Cars, animals, birds, ships, superheroes, Illuminati symbols – you can literally have anything on your carpet. Motifs were big in 2013, and aren’t expected to lose their popularity any time soon. If you are looking for something unusual and funky for your kids’ bedroom, you must check this space out. IKEA especially has a lot to offer in terms of affordable modern carpets in impressive variety. And there are many other companies that are taking the experimentation in this field to a new level.

Are Nudes and Neutrals Carpet Passé?

A pertinent question, seeing as chirpy colors are all the rage.

Neutrals, on the other hand, have been around for too long. We are too used to them. They are too subtle.

The reasons for neutrals not being the biggest craze in the carpet world are many, though it is only fair to say that they will never go completely out of style.

There are places in your house where subdued colors would look great, for example, the stairs. Neutrals are still the first choice for wall-to-wall carpeting or when it comes to adding an old-world charm to a set-up.

For those who don’t like to experiment, neutrals are fail-safe colors. But for them to deliver their maximum impact, neutral-colored carpets have to be new or in any case, freshly cleaned to the extent that they look as good as new.

DIY Rugs

Yep, you got that right.

Where do you think new ideas come from? When people allow themselves to mix a few things lying around and in the process discover something that is actually of use.

Why can’t you do the same with carpets?

Some dude somewhere discovered that a combination of LED lights and carefully weaved wool can result in delightfully radiant rugs. As well as rugs, that keep you warm and conserve energy in the process. What’s up next, we wonder!

Carpet Tiles and Custom Area Rugs

These never go out of fashion. Due to their small size and nifty nature they can be a perfect solution for rooms that have oddly placed furniture, or spaces where a long continuous carpet won’t fit.

Place little pops of color and heavy textures here and there and watch your space take on a whole new dimension. The following picture depicts a very creative use of carpet tiles.

You can also mix carpet tiles of different colors and textures to create an uneven but attractive carpet for your living room.


This really is the territory of the artistically brave. But that doesn’t mean that those with a conservative taste won’t find a place here. What the new trends primarily point to, as does this post, is the sheer scope of possibilities in the world of home decor. Whether you want to make use of that choice is up to you, but we suggest that you do. The world is your oyster, so don’t shy away from going for the quirkiest carpet you can get your hands on. It doesn’t have to be expensive either. Who knows, you might actually grow to LOVE the new look!

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