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Big Red Carpet Cleaning Launches Referral Voucher

Big Red, the leading professional carpet cleaning company, is pleased to launch a new referral program to reward its loyal customers.

Under this program, when individuals refer a friend, they can earn a voucher of up to 10% of their referral’s total purchase. For example, a customer can get a $20 voucher if their referral purchases $200 worth of services from Big Red.

The “Refer a Friend” initiative is part of Big Red Carpet Cleaners’ overall efforts to reach more households and commercial establishments throughout Singapore.

Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning

According to Mr. Himanshu Bakhda, Big Red’s Managing Director, steps must be taken to inform more people about the benefits of professional carpet cleaning.

“Apparently, very few people realize the importance of professional carpet cleaning. On one hand, there’s the aesthetic value, because our foremost goal is to restore a carpet’s beauty as well as preserve its quality. On the other hand, there’s the health value as well,” he explained.

“You see, all carpets are reservoirs of dust and grime. To summarize, allergens that accumulate in carpet fibers become airborne due to foot traffic, thus adversely affecting your indoor air quality. Poor air quality, in turn, can cause a multitude of health problems,” he added.

“Vacuuming is simply not enough,” he continued. “The effects of vacuuming are mostly superficial. To ensure that all harmful allergens are eliminated, you need the expertise of Singapore carpet cleaning professionals,” he emphasized.

Commenting further, Mr Bakhda said, “With our new Referral program, we hope to extend our reach in Singapore, to serve more homes and offices island-wide, and ultimately underscore the value of professional carpet care.”

“In the long term, we hope that more homes and offices in Singapore will benefit from our services,” he said in conclusion.

About the Big Red Referral Vouchers

The referral vouchers can be used for any of Big Red’s Singapore carpet cleaning services, including:

These vouchers are transferrable, so they can be given to friends and family as gifts. Or, you can simply keep them for your next scheduled cleaning.

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