Carpet Supply and Installation

With Big Red, you get access to an extensive range of services to help make the process of carpet supply and installation service easy.

Our experienced carpet technicians will inspect your home or office and subsequently give you the professional advice you need before making a decision on your new carpet. Additionally, Big Red will provide you with a free quotation for the carpet supply and installation.

Free Carpet Advice and Quote

Carpet Advice

It is important for your carpet supplier to inspect your home or office before making any recommendation on the carpet. At a time suitable to you, our Big Red technician will visit your property to discuss the various styles of carpet to suit your budget and lifestyle.

Carpet Measure & Quote

Big Red has a wealth of knowledge on carpets to make this process a seamless one. Choose Big Red and with the assistance of our experienced technicians, you will get a detailed site measure and a complimentary quote for the carpet installation.

Carpet Installation

As your carpet installers, Big Red will ensure that your floors are installed on a timely manner, allowing you to enjoy the new and fresh carpet sooner!

Contact us for professional carpet installation services.

For professional carpet installation in Singapore, call us at 6241 9443.