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Upholstery Cleaning Service in Singapore

Just like carpets and rugs, your upholstery can trap dust, dirt, and other allergens in their fibers. With all these pollutants, when you sit on your furniture, you introduce them into the air and inadvertently affect your indoor living environment.

This is why it is important to clean your upholstery regularly professionally. Not only does it increase your furniture’s lifespan, but upholstery cleaning is also proven to improve the overall indoor air quality in your home or office as well.

Big Red’s chosen method of cleaning is the hot water extraction, which is effective in removing all kinds of contaminants, like dust mites and pet dander. Stains such as sweat marks, pen marks, and food/drink spills are efficiently removed if you decide to use the best upholstery cleaning service in Singapore.

With Big Red, you can rest assured that you will get cleaner furniture and healthier living space.

Leather Sofa Cleaning

It is true that leather furniture does not absorb as much dirt and grime as fabrics, but they are still exposed to the same types of contaminants. If not maintained properly, leather furniture can also undergo damage, such as losing their softness and color.

Without professional care, the daily wear and tear can cause the leather to lose its shine beyond restoration. Big Red’s upholstery cleaners are specially trained to clean, polish, and protect your leather furniture.

Commercial Upholstery Cleaning in Singapore

Apart from residential upholstery like sofas and dining chairs, Big Red also provides this cleaning service for the commercial sector. Your organization’s office and meeting room chairs undergo similar conditions as your home. We also clean sofas and armchairs that you may have in your reception area.

Our cleaning process for both the residential and commercial upholstery is the same – hot water extraction, and your office would enjoy the same benefits – a cleaner & healthier indoor environment.

Different Types of Fabrics We Clean

Types of Upholstery Fabrics cleaned by Big Red Carpet Cleaners

Big Red cleans different types of upholstery fabrics such as microfiber, polyester, cotton, wool, linen, and leather.

Optional Upholstery Cleaning Services Add-Ons

At Big Red, along with the normal upholstery cleaning, you have the option to select any of the below additional services:

  • Fabric Protector – protect your upholstery from everyday spills and wear & tear.
  • Odor Removal – Neutralize smells from your kids and pets.

Why Choose Big Red’s Upholstery Cleaning Service?

At Big Red, we understand the importance of proper upholstery care and maintenance. We use industry-leading technology and the highest standards of service to ensure the best results.

Big Red’s upholstery cleaning technology and method are safe for all types of upholstery and furniture furnishings. We believe that every case is unique; so we implement a customized method for each specific type and material of sofas, mattresses, chairs, and/or other types of furniture.

As a professional cleaning company, our upholstery cleaners will take extra steps to prevent fabric shrinkage and preserve the quality of your upholstery for many years to come.

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If you are not satisfied with the service from us, we will return to your premises with no obligations and re-clean any area you feel needs additional attention. It’s our 30-day, Big Red 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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