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Corporate Contingency Planning & Environmental Control at Work Place

Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) is a positive-sense single-stranded RNA corona virus and related to SARS, West Nile, etc. It is passed from people to people and in proximity to affected people. Similar viruses are known to survive on surfaces for weeks although this has not been studied for MERS.

The spread of MERS around the region is much in the media at the moment, leading to justifiable fears of a possible pandemic – or global outbreak.

The USA CDC and the orld Health Organization (WHO), both recommend PPE as well as personal and environmental practices with cleaning and disinfection/sanitization.

  • Act now to ensure that your staff is protected from environmental contamination at work should the MERS pandemic occur.
  • Help secure your business survival by reducing the risk of mass sickness in your workforce.
  • Plan your emergency response now to improve your organisation’s bio-security.
  • Receive priority service in the event of an outbreak.


Viral contaminated buildings require high levels of bio-decontamination. Already widely used for the decontamination of healthcare facilities and SARS-affected areas, Ox Bio has proven efficacy against various strains of Respiratory Syndrome viruses such as SARS, H1N1, and MERS.

Have a contingency plan and a full strategy for your building, your processes, and staff fully laid out, considering all visible as well as invisible parts of the building and operating systems.

Big Red Introduces 2 Forward Defense Mechanisms Against MERS

Forward Offense

In an event of an outbreak, Big Red will deploy its decontamination team to bio-decontaminate any environment.

Forward Defense

A surface bonded residual Microbe Shield, long lasting non-leaching antimicrobial. Produced by Dow Corning USA.

AEGIS antimicrobial is based on the active molecule quaternary ammonium, highly-effective proven broad spectrum microbicide molecule. AEGIS is a non-volatilizing, non-migrating material which utilises a unique surface modifying technology to impart safe and lasting antimicrobial activity to treated surfaces. It is specifically registered with the Environmental Protection Agency for treatment of indoor hard and soft surfaces (EPA No. 64881-3), making it safe to use on surfaces that can harbour pathogenic microorganisms and viruses in indoor environment.

Big Red Offers 2 Deployment Models

1. Emergency call-out

Emergency call-outs are crucial in cases where there is either a sudden outbreak of bio-contaminants at the site and there is a bio-burden in facilities.

Big Red has a dedicated emergency call out team (emergency respond) whose main tasks and focus is to restore any contaminated site/environment to its pre-loss state efficiently and effectively. Having the largest inventory of decontamination equipment in Singapore, you can rest assured that you would be investing in a wealth of knowledge and experience to bring you out of any possible outbreak.

Our deployment time for our initial team is normally under one hour. Based on their initial site assessment, additional equipment and manpower is subsequently deployed.

2. Retainer/Standby

Stand By/Retainer Team

In a time of an outbreak crisis, organisations may find it difficult to access experienced specialists (Emergency responders) to decontaminate its affected site immediately. Big Red, however, offers you an option to secure a dedicated Bio-Decontamination Team which will be on standby 24/7 in an event of an outbreak for your organisation (e.g. shutting down operations in affected areas). The team will consist of 5 technicians, of which two staff will be deployed within one hour of your first call and 3 support staff will be activated to prepare and send the appropriate equipment based on the type of bio-outbreak and size of area.

Dedicated Equipment on Standby

  • 1 Air scrubber with HEPA, PCO & UV capabilities
  • 2 Blowers
  • 1 Air Fogger
  • 1 drum of OX Bio Disinfectants Biocides (5 Gallon Concentrate)
  • 10 boxes of N95 mask treated with Antimicrobial
  • 10 pairs of full PPE gear.

Upon your confirmation of taking up our standby services, we will provide a free risk assessment survey and a building audit (chargeable if IAQ required) to determine the sources and pathways of potential transmission in case of an event of an outbreak and preventive steps.

When you engage us, you can be sure that you are engaging the best in the business with the expertise and reliability trusted by many renowned organizations hit by disasters and emergencies. Please see our case studies.

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