Frequently Asked Questions

Does cleaning my carpets regularly make them dirtier?

This is true only if the carpet cleaning is done incorrectly. It is very important during the carpet cleaning process that the chemicals used to clean are extracted thoroughly during the cleaning process. If done incorrectly and left behind, the chemicals will act as magnets (Sticky scum) and attract dirt rapidly.

However, when you choose Big Red Carpet Cleaners, you can rest assured that this will not be the case. Our specially formulated carpet cleaning solutions and professional steam extraction processes ensure that all of the chemicals and the dirt are extracted from the deepest part of your carpet fibers, leaving your carpets chemical and dirt free.

How can I make my carpet and rugs last longer?

Daily vacuuming and regular professional maintenance of your carpet and/or rug will prolong its lifespan for years to come.

Is vacuuming daily with an ordinary vacuum cleaner a sufficient care?

No. While vacuuming daily is important, an ordinary vacuum cleaner does not get the embedded dirt and grit out of your carpet. A professional vacuum cleaner needs to be used periodically.

What does Big Red Carpet Cleaners do that I cannot do?

Big Red Carpet Cleaners has access to sophisticated and state-of-the-art equipment as well as environmentally friendly cleaning solutions to get the dirt and grit out from deep inside the carpet. We can also provide a protective coating for the carpet fibers which prevents grit and soil from damaging the carpet or rug fibers.

What method of cleaning do you use to clean the carpets?

The method Big Red commonly utilises is steam cleaning, also referred to as hot water extraction. Our exclusive hot water extraction method removes the most stubborn stains, gently and effectively. Before this step though, we employ the use of the Pile Lifter which helps to groom the nap of the carpet to allow the cleaning solution to reach the roots of the fibers for a thorough wash. The final step is where the powerful suction extracts all the residual cleaning solution, contaminants and other dirt to leave the carpet chemical-free.

So how often should I clean my carpet and rugs?

This depends on how much wear and tear the carpet and a rug undergoes. In a commercial or industrial area, where there is much movement by a larger number of people, more cleaning sessions may be required. Ask your Big Red Carpet Cleaners specialist to recommend a suitable cleaning and maintenance program.

How long will it take for my carpet to dry?

The time it takes for your carpet to dry up is dependent on the carpet size, temperature, humidity and air flow to the area cleaned. The use of air movers and switching on the air con can accelerate the drying time. After Big Red’s cleaning, you can immediately walk on the carpet but avoid wearing footwear as it may cause re-soiling to your carpet.

Do you guarantee removal of all spots or stains in the carpet?

We cannot guarantee the complete removal of all spots or stains. While lightening the carpet stain is definitely a possibility, some spills can permanently discolour the carpet fibers. The type of fiber, how old the carpet is and any prior attempt to remove the stain are all also possible elements that can affect the success of the Big Red Stain Removal process.

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